In Episode 84 of All Things TechIE Podcast: Adobe's Project Primrose takes the spotlight as they showcase an awe-inspiring animated dress and AI editing tools.

We delve into the innovative concept of a dress that can display patterns and designs, eliminating the need for a conventional wardrobe choice.

On a different note, we discuss the recent controversy surrounding Paddy Cosgrave's resignation as the chief executive of Web Summit. We explore the repercussions of his personal comments and the subsequent withdrawal of major tech companies from the event. Stay tuned as we uncover the details and implications of this significant industry shake-up.

We also delve into the latest tech news, including the European Commission's scrutiny of X (formerly known as Twitter) over potential terrorist content and Elon Musk's facing scrutiny from the European Union regarding illegal and terrorist content on X. TikTok's challenge against a hefty fine and Amazon's expansion of its drone delivery service across Europe are also on our radar.

We talk about drones a lot in the show with our special guest Ian Kiely from and the upcoming Drone Summit in the RDS in March 2024. 

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