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Our Irish podcast provides:

  • In-depth analysis into the latest AV & tech products, giving you an honest and unbiased assessment of their features, performance and value

  • Expert Interviews with AV Professionals & Tech experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators to share their unique perspec8ves and insights on the world of AV & technology

  • Industry news where listeners and viewers can stay up to date with the latest trends, developments and breakthroughs in the world of AV and Tech with an Irish perspec8ve.

  • Engaging discussions where the host has a knack for making even the most technical topics accessible and engaging.

Our Podcast reaches:

  • 257,324 views and downloads
  • 14,500 per episode
  • 400,000+ Website Impression

Audience: Global audience in more than 50 countries (Ireland, England, US, Australia and Canada top 5 countries)

  • 5,281 YouTube Subscribers
  • 6,284 Instagram Followers
  • 1,833 LinkedIn Followers
  • 2,000+ X (Twitter) Followers

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