All Things TechIE Podcast Audio Episodes 91-100 available to download

Episode 98: Infocomm 2024, Logitech's latest

In episode 98 of the All Things TechIE Podcast, Justin speaks with special guest Craig Ishii from Logitech. Not to be confused with his Irish "brother" Craig O'Sullivan (just kidding!)

The episode kicks off with an in-depth exploration of Logitech's Meetup 2 BYOD device, revealing how it seamlessly integrates with various work environments, providing a versatile solution for smaller meeting spaces and flexible work arrangements. We delve into the intricacies of this innovative device, shedding light on its features such as single-cable connectivity and compatibility with PCs and room systems, offering a holistic approach to modern collaboration.

As the discussion evolves, the spotlight shifts to Logitech's trailblazing room booking solutions, where the emphasis is placed on enhancing the management of meeting spaces and desk allocations, all orchestrated through the intuitive Logitech Sync platform. The conversation underscores Logitech's unwavering commitment to user-centric design and sustainability, with a deep dive into their meticulously crafted keyboards, headsets, and the ingenious Logidock Flex, all tailored to elevate the modern workplace experience.

The episode also boasts an intriguing exploration of smart switching technology and its potential to reshape the dynamics of remote participation within meeting environments. Delving into the intricacies of this technology, we unveil Logitech's capacity to enhance the remote participant's experience, bridging the gap between physical and virtual team interactions.

This episode provides valuable insights into the diverse lineup of Logitech headsets, showcasing their varying functionalities and pricing tiers tailored to address diverse business requirements. They also shed light on Logitech's in-the-go portfolio, a comprehensive solution designed to cater to the mobile professional's dynamic needs, further enhancing their productivity and comfort in flexible work scenarios.

Furthermore, the episode concludes with a comprehensive overview of where listeners can source more information about Logitech's cutting-edge offerings, providing a seamless segue for those eager to explore and engage with the forefront of workplace technology.

Episode 97: Infocomm 2024, Live from the show floor on Day 1

Day 1 of the show floor opening for Infocomm 2024 in Vegas sponsored by x2o Media, Logitech, Nureva and Wyrestorm.

Justin Dawson delves into the profound impact of the Unreal video game engine beyond the confines of gaming. Our conversation with industry experts explores its application in enterprise broadcast, digital twin creation for factories, and the development of virtual sets for XR technology.

Episode 96: Infocomm 2024, Arrival in Vegas

Welcome to the All Things TechIE Podcast - Episode 96 #Infocomm24! In this episode, join host Justin Dawson as he takes you on an exciting live commentary tour of the Las Vegas Convention Center, providing exclusive insight into the setup progress and bustling activities leading up to Infocomm 2024. From describing the amenities available for podcasting to discussing the rapid pace of event preparations, Justin and his guests dive into the dynamic elements of setting up a space for a podcast, as well as the various companies and booths being set up in the area. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of technology and events as we prepare for the kick-off of Infocomm 2024!

Episode 95:

Episode 94: Launch of Portal Dublin

Welcome to episode 94 of the All Things TechIE Podcast! In this exciting episode, host Justin Dawson takes us on a journey from New York City to Dublin, Ireland, where a groundbreaking public art project called The Portal was unveiled. The Portal allows real-time interaction between Dubliners, New Yorkers, and visitors to both cities, connecting them through technology across the Atlantic Ocean. Justin shares firsthand experiences from the launch event, including interviews with the software developers behind The Portal and the team responsible for its planning and execution. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of technology, art, and human connection in this special episode of All Things TechIE!

Episode 93: LTSMG 2024, AVI/SPL at the races and Portal arrives to Dublin

In this episode, our host, Justin Dawson, takes us on a captivating journey through the London trade shows, providing a firsthand account of his experience at the LTSMG event held at the Olympic Village. Get ready to dive into the details of new product releases, including the Shure MV7 plus microphone with digital popper stopper and color options, as well as the exciting technological developments unveiled at UCL's Poole Street and Marshgate spaces. From innovative gadgets to groundbreaking installations, this episode is a tech enthusiast's dream. Stay tuned as we talk about the launch of "The Portal", a groundbreaking public art installation set to captivate audiences in New York City and Dublin

Episode 92: Combatting Media Misinformation, Google's Accessibility Hub, and AI Regulation in Ireland

In this episode, we covers a range of fascinating topics, from media misinformation in Ireland to the use of robots in café shops. Justin also discusses Elon Musk's announcements regarding social media platform X, the regulation of AI in the European Union, and Google's new hub aimed at assisting people with disabilities through technology. The episode also touches on the concerning issue of media misinformation targeting well-known Irish celebrities and the latest developments in Airbnb's security camera policy. Tune in for an insightful exploration of these tech-related issues and more on episode 92 of the All Things TechIE Podcast.

Episode 91: Live from the Drone Summit

In Episode 91, Justin delved into the world of drones with insightful discussions on their capabilities, diverse usage in various industries, and the challenges and advancements in the drone technology space. He attended the Drone Summit in the RDS where  speakers shared valuable insights on the capabilities of specific drones, including their speed, surveillance range, and applications in security operations. Justin also explored the regulatory environment for drone operations and the technical aspects of flying drones for specific missions.

In addition to our drone-focused content, we covered significant updates in the tech industry. From the latest AI-powered tourism initiative in Dublin to the use of AI by organisations in Ireland, he highlighted the impact of technology on travel experiences and business operations.

Justin also delved into the legal and ethical aspects of tech advancements, including Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI and regulatory probes into GPT creator. Our episode also touched on cybersecurity concerns, emphasising the importance of vigilance against fraudulent activities targeting cryptocurrency donations.

We also want to take this chance to express our appreciation for the overwhelming support we've received for our host, Justin Dawson, in his advocacy for autism awareness and better health and educational services in Ireland. His recent interview with an Irish National Newspaper sparked viral attention, highlighting the need for better support for children with disabilities.