In Episode 91, Justin delved into the world of drones with insightful discussions on their capabilities, diverse usage in various industries, and the challenges and advancements in the drone technology space.

He attended the Drone Summit in the RDS where  speakers shared valuable insights on the capabilities of specific drones, including their speed, surveillance range, and applications in security operations. Justin also explored the regulatory environment for drone operations and the technical aspects of flying drones for specific missions.

In addition to our drone-focused content, we covered significant updates in the tech industry. From the latest AI-powered tourism initiative in Dublin to the use of AI by organisations in Ireland, he highlighted the impact of technology on travel experiences and business operations.

Justin also delved into the legal and ethical aspects of tech advancements, including Elon Musk's lawsuit against OpenAI and regulatory probes into GPT creator. Our episode also touched on cybersecurity concerns, emphasising the importance of vigilance against fraudulent activities targeting cryptocurrency donations.

We also want to take this chance to express our appreciation for the overwhelming support we've received for our host, Justin Dawson, in his advocacy for autism awareness and better health and educational services in Ireland. His recent interview with an Irish National Newspaper sparked viral attention, highlighting the need for better support for children with disabilities.

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