Join Justin Dawson and special guests, Kevin Hill from X2O Media and Joel Cruz from BZB Gear as they delve into the world of video technology and its impact on remote learning, accessibility, and event participation. 

From the challenges and opportunities of remote learning to the evolving landscape of educational technology, this episode explores the practical application of video technology in live lessons, effective teaching methods, and the importance of visual engagement in virtual meetings. The panel discusses the importance of encouraging participants to keep cameras on for engagement, accessibility of remote learning and meeting solutions for users in different locations and rooms and adapting hardware and platforms to meet the requirements of individuals with additional needs.

We discuss:

Visual Engagement Matters: The importance of keeping cameras on in virtual meetings and remote learning environments for visualisation and engagement was emphasised. It's all about creating a sense of presence.

Inclusive Learning Environments: The conversation shed light on the challenges and solutions for creating inclusive learning environments through better technology, including tools for neurodiverse individuals and the importance of engaging all participants.

Evolving Classroom Models: The conversation touches on the importance of evolving traditional classroom models to create more engaging and inclusive learning spaces, with considerations for neurodiverse individuals and educators with autism or ADHD.

The guests navigate through the latest trends in audiovisual technology, the potential of 8k solutions in education and healthcare, and the importance of creating inclusive and engaging environments for all participants. 

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