Episode 85 - Lú Festival of Light in Drogheda

Yesterday, as part of Episode 85 of All Things TechIE Podcast, I stepped into a world of magic and myth at the Lú Festival of Light in Drogheda. A meeting with Oisin O'Brien, the founder of Visual Spectrum and one of the masterminds behind this spectacle, was the cherry on top.

Oisin and his team have transformed Drogheda into a living storybook, illuminating the city's historical sites with tales of Boann, the Salmon of Knowledge, Amergin, the Gods of Newgrange and many more.

Every corner of the city, from the Old Abbey to St Laurence’s Gate, is drenched in light and legend. The intricate stonework of Drogheda has become the canvas for spectacular projections, bringing to life heroic warriors, mythical creatures, and ethereal landscapes.

But it's not just about the visuals.

The festival is a sensory feast, with audio narrations accompanying the stunning visuals, immersing you deeper into Drogheda's mythological past.

And the streets? They're alive!

Stilt walkers, face painters, fire breathers - they're all there, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Cafes, bars, and restaurants are buzzing, staying open late to cater to the festival crowd.

And for the little ones? A Viking Encampment at the Old Abbey carpark, promising a family fun area like no other.

The Lú Festival of Light is a free event, running over two long weekends, from 27th – 31st of October and 2nd – 4th of November.

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