All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to our first monthly podcast. We're two Audio Visual / IT Gurus who love to talk tech and realised there is actually no good AV Tech podcast originating from the Emerald Isles of Ireland so we wanted to change this and place Ireland on the map when it comes to AV and Technology. 

In our first episode we cover

  • ID phone network closes in Ireland. What decisions to make when deciding a mobile phone network?
  • Mark Zuckerburg and the Cambridge Analytica fiasco. Is it enough to make you close your account?
  • Tech Toy of the Month. Meet Scout from LeapFrog. Why can it not pronounce Irish names?
  • Protect your child online we talk to John Molloy CEO of iKydz

All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of All Thing TechIE

It's been a crazy busy month for AV and Tech with Google I/O, GDPR becoming live, Changes within Avixa Europe, InfoComm 2018 and Facebook with more legal issues.

In this show we cover

  • Yanny vs Laurel. How audio frequencies can make you hear different words. We explain how
  • We review the Google Home against the Google Mini and whether or not its worthwhile buying a Google Home over Alexa, HomePod or a knock off from China?
  • How much data does an Echo, Google Home or HomePod keep on their customers?
  • GDPR and how will it affect the AV industry
  • Google banned adverts in the Irish referendum on the 8th Ammendment, Facebook didnt. Why?
  • LinkedIn are now surveying accounts to give an average on salaries based on your job. Though nothing yet for Audio Visual roles. Would you like to know the average salary for your AV role?
  • InfoComm 2018, what was new and what worked better than ISE 
  • Best AV Apps on Google Play and Apple, let us know your favorite

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All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 3

In Episode 3 of All Things TechIE we decided to give you a live webcam of what we discuss in our small studio.

In this months episode:

  • IoT with Google Nest, Doorbells and internet home security. Do you trust them? What happens if the power dies?
  • We talk about the best android, amazon and apple TV devices.
  • Virtual reality with theme parks
  • More Facebook issues
  • AV apps of the month and more

All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 4

Lets blame the heat wave summer for missing our monthly August episode!

In this months episode of All Things TechIE, Simon couldn't make it into studio due to the fact he is so busy with installations.

The latest news:

  • Samsung releases the Galaxy S9
  • Meanwhile Apple goes big with the iPhone X series. Phones are getting bigger and bigger. Do you actually want them this big or would you rather buy a tablet? Or better still, would you buy one of these devices for your young son or daughter for Christmas?

We've moved from our regular production of All Things TechIE to an episode we believe may become a small series on the topic of how some global AV professionals got involved in the world of Audio Visual. The idea of this topic originated during the summer when Simon and I were discussing the Leaving Certificate Irish state examinations and both of us came to a conclusion that neither of us dreamt that we were going to end up in the world of Audio Visual.

So is it easy to enter the world of Audio Visual? Do many AV Professionals plan that this is the career they wanted to take as a young 17 or 18 year old who has just finished their state examinations? Is there enough courses to assist with young people wanting to pursue audio visual as a career?

This programme has received a massive response which has resulted in a small series on "How I got involved in AV" which will be part of our monthly podcast. 

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All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 5

This month Simon Lang joins us from the "remote" locations of County Clare with somewhat dodgy internet connectivity which added to some audio problems!

Our special guest this month is the AVIXA Senior Staff Instructor Chuck Espinoza aka Mad Sound Guy who tells us his story of how he entered the world of Audio Visual.

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All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 6

Apologies for our delay in bringing you our latest podcasts, we we're aiming for a monthly podcast throughout 2018. Now we have learnt that our subscribers would rather shorter, more regular shows which is what we aim to do in 2019.

In Episode 6 (December Part 1)

  • McDonalds with smart screens and iPads for kids, how clean of an environment is it?
  • Justin talks a lot about the Learning Technology Space Management Group (LTSMG) As an AV Support Technician what is the one thing that grinds your gears?
  • Space Management with AV discussed very briefly.

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All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 7

  • Projection Mapping
  • Logitech pulls out of Plantronics purchase
  • Harman by Samsung, just how big is Samsung?
  • What was your Tech Toy of 2018?
  • Calling Santa with Google Home

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All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 8

Its a new year for our podcast and we're hitting in with controversial technology and Audio Visual questions including:

  • How does Bluetooth Headsets actually work especially during commutes in rush hour to work?
  • We talk with Jack Pieterse from and Mark Prendergast from about the recent issues with London Gatwick and London Heathrow. Could Ireland face similar issues with drones flying into airports and what safety measures are in place?
  • Simon Lang and Justin Dawson discuss the best of CES2019
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All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 9

Welcome to this episode of All Things TechIE where Justin starts off with a personal message thanking all the fans of the show for their support during a recent family bereavement in his family with the loss of his late Dad Bobby. Justin also thanks the fans for their votes in the AVNation.TV Readers Choice Awards where Justin has been awarded AV Professional of the Year for 2018.

Contact the show: 

www.AllThingsTech.IE  @SimonLangAV  @JustinRDawson #AllThingsTechIE


In this episode:

  • We discuss this is the first of maybe 3 shows this month as Justin and Simon will attend AES (The Audio Engineering Society) convention next week in the CCD Dublin.
  • AVoIP (AV over IP) the pros and cons, and what to do when it goes horribly wrong!
  • AVaaS (AV as a Service) is it another name for an SLA (Standard Level Agreement)?
  • The MoMo Challenge, was it just a big hoax?
  • How do we keep our children safe online?
  • Samsung vs Huwaii with the latest foldable phones
  • New regulations to USB
  • and much more!

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