All Things TechIE Podcast Audio Episodes 61-70 available to download

Episode 70: Gaining 5,000 Subscribers!

This week we speak about more drone attacks at Dublin Airport. Google layoff staff in their Irish Offices. Virgin Media TV hack and Munster Tech getting to grips with their ransomware attack and what protection do Irish Universities need to prevent a cyber attack.

Episode 69: Amazon Lay Offs

Amazon telling staff they must work 3 days a week in the office and Superbowl adverts which cost $600,000 to alert people not to use Tesla self driving cars

Episode 68: Amazon Lay Offs

Now aiming for weekly podcasts! Discussing illegal drone flights at Dublin Airport, more Irish Universities hacked with ransomware, ChatGPT, Bard, Google Maps , Tech job layoffs and whats to come on our weekly podcasts

Episode 67: ISE 2023

Wow, so I think I've just about recovered from Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) #ise2023 and here is All Things TechIE Podcast Episode 67 (the recovery recap) of the week that has been in Barcelona! What an event. As Michael Blackman said on several occasions "We are Back!"

Episode 66: ISE 2023 Prequel with RTI

All Things TechIE Podcast - Episode 66 (#ise2023 Prequel) where Justin speaks with Bill Hensley, Head of Global Marketing at RTI.

Episode 65: ISE 2023 Prequel with AIMS

All Things TechIE Podcast, Pre #ISE2023 Justin speaks with Andrew Starks who is Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) Board Member, and Director of Product Management at Macnica America's Inc.

Episode 64: ISE 2023 Prequel with VU Wall

A pre ISE 23 show interviewing Anna Kozel, VP of Marketing with VUWall.

Episode 63: 2022 Year in review

Episode 63 of All Things TechIE Podcast rounding up 2022, looking into 2023 with CES and ISE 2023

Episode 62: A change of AVIXA Training

Its time for Episode 62 of All Things TechIE Podcast where Mad Sound Guy Chuck Espinoza explains his departure from AVIXA to his new role with Aurora Multimedia.

Episode 61: Elons firing his staff!

Chaos at @Twitter with @Elon Musk and firing half his staff with complete unethical workplace relations. Has the bird lost its feathers, is the bird dead or hatching a new egg?